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*Was the Advanced Website at $1,297 not a punch packer? Well I present to you the Premium Website. This is a Beyond Full Services Website Design Package Or Plan. The objective is to give you everything you need to win in your business. Consider this a wise one time investment that will grow your business for years to come.

In this premium package we start by giving you a full business consultation to make sure that what you are presenting and how you are presenting it truly makes sense to the end user. You get 100% Local Social Media Account setup On facebook, we design your facebook accounts professionally with perfect profile image, banner with call to action and link with a captivating design sending facebook traffic right to your website on a dedicated landing page ready to collect information and create a customer.

We also specifically ask users to contact you thought the entire design, we ask them to contact you in alignment with the strategy and offer we developed in the business consultation and marketing strategies we put together. Your Website is designed to literally beat your competition.

We review your competitors and simply write better copy, use better call to action buttons, create faster loading times, use more simplicity to prevent confusing users, develop better mobile.

We design while keeping in mind the competition. We also give you the edge with graphics and animations, you can read the Advanced plan to get more information about that.  We develop a single stand alone page that does one thing, converts your perfect prospects and builds the desire within them to contact you. We do this by helping you say 4 simple things which get the prospect contacting you instantly almost every time.

This plan is a symphony that turns a confusing web presence into a simple path where people just flow into your business.  Here is where the rubber meets the road, we give you a 30 day map and plan that goes along with your website and all systems to give you a ROCKET LAUNCH effect. This is what separates successful clients and non successful clients. It’s that effort and plan that yields the success which once tasted…you never go back. You become a constant winner.


Are you ready to win? you can get this all today for only $2,997.  If you love this package and you are eager to start, you can pay a third of the cost to begin, we must caution you that with payment plans there is a $200 dollar overall administration and collection fee and if a payment is not made we will cease the project until payments are made. (We have found our best clients commit to pay full. Our clients love the fact that they have found someone local, who is a competent and they are willing to pay for that…besides, they know they are paying 40,000 a year for employees who fall entirely into the expense quadrant. This is a System the will 10x your business and is a no brainier.

If you have any questions or you are ready to win Call 817 809 6860 or make a payment here!

*Note the services represented in this plan are worth a minimum fee of 7,000 and you can get it today for only a fraction of the cost…Did I mention the marketing consultation and what not?…Need I say more..

Other Info.

WordPress Websites make up 30 percent of the websites out there. What does this really mean? It means that it’s a great platform and it is working well for 2 out of every 3 Website owners out there. A WordPress website is wonderful because it gives you thousands of options. WordPress is the perfect platform for someone who seeks to display a level of professionalism in their business.  This plan is a Simple 5 page WordPress Website Built entirely from scratch. The development starts from Setting Up a Hosting Platform or land, we usually use godaddy and clients love Godaddy, the second step is finding a suitable domain name that makes sense for you and is memorable for your preferred audience, the third step is to prepare all infrastructure, Dns Settings, the fourth step is to Aquire and Install the wordpress platform into your hosting, The fifth step is to create Credentials Solely for development purposes, the sixth step is to develop all web pages to your liking, the seventh step is to launch upon your review and approval.



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