Online Advertising – PPC Management

Our team of certified pros make the difference

  • First page placement; daily!
  • Detailed activity reporting
  • Professional & affordable monthly management

Once your Google Ads campaign goes live, ads will appear and you will get instant results.

Attract real-time buyers w/ local targeting and cost-effective ads.

Search advertising is the most cost-effective method of advertising (and at a fraction of the cost of direct mail or yellow pages). Choose EZlocal & Google Ads and start gaining customers within five days of signing up with us. Google Ads has arguably the lowest cost per conversion and highest ROI (Return on Investment) than all other conventional forms of marketing.

Our online advertising services include but are not limited to:

  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Website review & consulting for PPC success
  • Effective ad copy writing
  • Ongoing PPC strategy development
  • Continued bid & position monitoring
  • Ongoing keyword performance analysis, additions & deletions
  • Ongoing ad copy analysis and testing
  • Proper keyword categorization & ad group development
  • Comprehensive negative keyword list
  • Proper ad timing and geographical targeting
  • Continued conversion tracking analysis
  • Detailed PPC reporting

We get to know you! We are all in-house, and our dedicated professionals take pride in the knowledge, value and quality of service brought to each of our clients.

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