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Advanced WordPress Website Design

*Do you need a website that pack more of a punch, I want to let you know that this is still under the industry standard fee of $1,500.  Not only do you get 9 more payment Buttons, this design is known for two things, Additional Graphic Design On Your Pages + Animation. These two elements to make you stand out, get more confidence and convert more people.

*Note the services represented in this plan are worth a minimum fee of 5,000 and you can get it today for only a fraction of the cost…Did I mention the marketing consultation and what not?…Need I say more..

WordPress Websites make up 30 percent of the websites out there. What does this really mean? It means that it’s a great platform and it is working well for 2 out of every 3 Website owners out there. A WordPress website is wonderful because it gives you thousands of options. WordPress is the perfect platform for someone who seeks to display a level of professionalism in their business.  This plan is a Simple 5 page WordPress Website Built entirely from scratch. The development starts from Setting Up a Hosting Platform or land, we usually use godaddy and clients love Godaddy, the second step is finding a suitable domain name that makes sense for you and is memorable for your preferred audience, the third step is to prepare all infrastructure, Dns Settings, the fourth step is to Aquire and Install the wordpress platform into your hosting, The fifth step is to create Credentials Solely for development purposes, the sixth step is to develop all web pages to your liking, the seventh step is to launch upon your review and approval.


– Advanced Web Design consultation

– Advanced Google Search Setup

– Hosting & Infrastructure Setup

– WordPress Installation Into Hosting Acct

– WordPress Design & Development

10 Page Design & Develop

– Custom Designed Contact Form

– Google Maps Design (Mobile Compatible)

Landing Page/Dedicated Sales Page

– Full Site Copy Writing

– Sales Copy That Talks To You.

– Full Site Images Provided

– Basic Social Media Integration

10 PayPal Only Payment Button Setup

– Graphic Designed Elements(Background, Patters fitting your brand)

– Animations Such As, Moving Buttons, Moving Vehicles, Elements to amaze visitors, keep them reading and get them taking actions such as Buy!

*Designs that make you look remarkable and creates more engagement

*if you require additional payment processors or any other payment process or more payment options there will be a separate quote for that to compensate us for out time.

*If you desire additional pages or any additional items not listed there will be a separate quote for that to compensate us for our time.

*If you desire to host with a different platform other than Godaddy, there will be a separate quote for that. This means if you require that we work within your platform the will be a fee charged to compensate us for working within a system we are not yet planned to use. To avoid this fees, we can set you up with our proffered systems.



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