I’ve Paid all the Gurus, said yes to almost every opportunity I came across and spend all my money for 10 years searching. After over 500 calls and appointments,  I am very CONFIDENT that I can give you valuable and direct insights To SAVE you a TON of time and LAUNCH you towards the right direction.


I love People, Laptops, Philosophy, Graphics, Communication, Creativity & Innovation..


I Came From Kenya To United States at Age 12. My Mother Was Hired Abroad By Covenant Health Systems.


Graduated Lamar Highschool, joined and Served 8 years in the United States Marines as an Admin Specialist.


I become a professional Drummer, won the Texas Competition & Started A Drum Lesson Company For Kids


I took multiple sales jobs for 8 years, became good at talking to people. I was chosen by Honda To Explain Hondas at the DFW Car Show in 2018!


I got hired by my sales job to build a website that signs up students for their insurance training, filled up their class & saved the company 80% of time+ 35+ signups/week. .


 So..I Went Full Time Consulting business in business growth. I Started Consulting Doctors. I ran a facebook ad helping a doctor get visibility at low costs.


Mastered Web Design In Many Platforms And Got Hired By A Navy Organization As A WordPress Consultant. 


Spent over $30,000 Hiring The Best Coaches & Trainers such as Tai Lopez, Billie Gene, Sam Ovens, Tyson Zayner, & 100 more. (I buy a course/week)


I Consulted Hundreds Of Small Business Owners Face To Face, Over The Phone, At Their Companies  In Many Marketing. 


In 2018 I helped A Local Gym go from zero Clients To 130 Recurring Members resulting in 30,000 in one single month. I


In June 2019 I opened My First Office, I Now Run A Local Marketing Company Helping businesses To Get More Customers.


I Created my very first online webinar based program that shows gym owners exactly how I helped my gym client close 130 High Ticket In 30 days.


After having An Excited Client, I decided to write and book and turn it into a program. It’s a free webinar training for gym owners. Click here to access it!

I love what I do, that is helping entrepreneurs get get closer to their goals. My dream Is to open and office with a team of 5 in Dallas! Would you like to be my next best client and grow with me? Hop On a Call with me 🙂 

How it all started

I’ve always been the ‘different one” for as long as I can remember. I always had this feeling that there was something I was supposed to do. I dreamed of coming to USA, then I joined the armed forces straight out of high school and studied Administration In The School Of Personnel and Administration In North Carolina. I never rested, I was always pushing myself to new heights. I remember just the other day my parents didn’t have much, they worked hard, ran multiple businesses and brought me to USA. I decided to join the military and earn the title of A United States Marine straight out of high school. In my off time i was always in one of those opportunity meetings, you know the Wednesday night and saturdy evening Network marketing events where you bring your friend without telling them what they are getting into. After many falures, I had had it, I decided that I was going to put this new knowledge I had gained to use. From the day on, I made money doing something marketing related. I started establishing myself as someone who can  guide sbusiness owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who have dreams, I just wanted to help them close their gaps.


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve

– Napoleon Hill

Let us go back a little bit…The journey started when I was 12 years old in my parents house in Lubbock Texas. After school, I would try to make money using Google Adsense, I also tried creating a video game company using a software called game maker.

I started failing as an entrepreneur at 12. At age 16 I had Mastered the art of playing drum set and in 6 years, I won A competition and Started A drum lesson company called Drum Break Down. I remember my mother taking me to drum lessons and the frustration of the average drum teacher who realized that I could play every trick, i had surpassed his class. After reading books I was instructed to take my best skill and that is when I had my first real failed business. I ended up in parents homes on fridays, I was broke frustrated and the course I had develped never sold. It turns out people wanted real live instruction on not some course made from home using green screen.

After finishing 8 years as a Marine, I had spent my entire life struggling to succeed in multiple opportunities. You can just imagine all my friends, they used to ask. ” What is it this time Remy? No we are not interested.

I went through over 10 years of losing money and became an expert in one thing, failing. I didn’t even care anymore, sometimes in life you just don’t care anymore. You lose so much and you start laughing through it. Can you imagine your fellow marines laughing at your business ideas for 8 years..what a price to pay.

Eventually I mastered everything I need to become an entrepreneur, I used to say “give me a product and I could put it up and collect money on it in 24-48 hours or less”.  I know I’m not the most competent human being there is but I felt I was and I told every business I met that I can do it and then I did it everytime.

“Everything around you that you call life, was made up by people that were no smarter than you.”

 – Steve Jobs


I always liked computers, It’s no coincidence that Marines thought I ought to sit behind a computer as my Military Occupation Specialty For My Entire Career Performing Office related Business Functions. I was forced to muster up the confidence to go to high ranking officials and command them against their wills to give me some documents that enabled me to document all individuals to be paid. Here is what I have to say, going to business owners, sitting down and consult a team of 1 to 15 on how to grow their business using digital marketing concepts become a lesser obstacle. I put myself, my name and my reputation on the line this is what my life work was going to be, at least for my 20’s

There was one thing I knew for sure, I had to change myself even faster. I needed to continuously evolve. Everything I had done so far was great but If I wanted to change other peoples lives, If I wanted to help people more, I would have to change myself exponentially.

I went through over 50 network marketing companies where I made next to nothing, I sold cars and had to meet quotas, I spent 3 years selling insurance and much much more. I even spent a year as an uber and lyft driver while reading books from Anthony Robbins and many other successful people. I used to sit in my ford focus 2010 and stare at weathier people on their big buildings waiting for a beep. I was wondering, what will I do next, I can’t do this for long.

I spent what a college graduate would spend or more purchasing seminars courses that promised to enhance my ability to help. I remember I rented out a different ford focus and went to Vegas on vacation when I experienced some success. I stayed in Ravella at lake Las Vegas and stumbled into one of the best business training companies called CEO space where I networked with over 500 business owners. I even got to listen to Les brown, if you were me, you dropped your vacation and started learning and that is what I did.

I decided that when I get back I wouldn’t sell stuff anymore, I was going to build a business, put my name on it and provide real value and burn the midnight oil ensuring that I was changing peoples lives with my services. When I became frustrated, tired or didn’t have income I would mock myself and say ” I belong to McDonald flipping burgers.

“If you want to take the Island, burn the boats.”

 – Julius Caesar

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