I’ve Paid all the Gurus, said yes to almost every opportunity I came across and spend all my money for 10 years searching. After over 500 calls and appointments,  I am very CONFIDENT that I can give you valuable and direct insights To SAVE you a TON of time and LAUNCH you towards the right direction.


I love People, Laptops, Philosophy, Graphics, Communication, Creativity & Innovation..

I Came From Kenya To United States at Age 12. My Mother Was Hired Abroad By Covenant Health Systems.

Graduated Lamar Highschool, joined and Served 8 years in the United States Marines as an Admin Specialist.

I become a professional Drummer, won the Texas Competition & Started A Drum Lesson Company For Kids

I took multiple sales jobs for 8 years, became good at talking to people. I was chosen by Honda To Explain Hondas at the DFW Car Show in 2018!

I got hired by my sales job to build a website that signs up students for their insurance training, filled up their class & saved the company 80% of time+ 35+ signups/week. .

 So..I Went Full Time Consulting business in business growth. I Started Consulting Doctors at www.rhemiabest.com It’s My 2nd business, check it out 🙂

Mastered Web Design In Many Platforms And Got Hired By A Navy Organization As A WordPress Consultant. 

Spent over $30,000 Hiring The Best Coaches & Trainers such as Tai Lopez, Billie Gene, Sam Ovens, Tyson Zayner, & 100 more. (I buy a course/week)

I Consulted Hundreds Of Small Business Owners Face To Face, Over The Phone, At Their Companies  In Many Marketing. 

I love what I do, that is helping entrepreneurs get get closer to their goals. My dream Is to open and office with a team of 5 in Dallas! Would you like to be my next best client and grow with me? Hop On a Call with me 🙂 

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Close A Sale A Day  Without A Penny On Ads Or Complicated Funnels!