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Sitesforstars Web Design Group

Over the last 6 years, Sitesforstars Web Design Group has completed hundreds of website design and online marketing consultations for businesses in Arlington, Dallas, FortWorth and around the USA.

What sets us apart from other web design companies and online marketing agencies is that we actually make money for our clients.

Our websites & Marketing Paid Ads Campains work for our clients and generate a consistent stream of leads, sales and customers.

Rhemia Best Is the Ceo of Sitesforstars which is an agency connected to over 50 team members. Businesses know how to solve problems in their specialty, where Rhemia comes in is a profound ability to listen, understand his clients goals, offer a FREE Solid Plan to close the gap and be there for the client to actually execute the plan if needed!


What our clients say about us on Google

❝Rhemi Best is a great website designer. I found his ad on craigslist and I gave him a call. I warned him that I am EXTREMELY PICKY but he fulfilled every little request I asked of him. He really did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend his service. He performed everything in a timely manner and was very responsive via phone, email, and text. It was 100% done by Rhemi. Thank you Rhemi. I hope you hit me up for my lunch offer!❞

—Matt Haynes, Cross Fit West Wood

❝I am very impressed with my website.  Remi is very professional.  He took his time in designing my web to my liking, explained to me how it works.  I had sought out other web designers and their prices for what Remi performed for me would have been up to $7,000.  Being a start up company I could not afford that.   Remi was local for me and because of that we were able to communicate often.  I would recommend Remi to anyone who needs to have a web site designed.❞

—Natasha Reed, Cram And Pass

❝Thanks for The Site so Quick! Remy is the Go to Guy for Websites he went the extra mile for me and my company his rates were Fare and Effective! I would highly recommend him to any and all people who’s looking for a beautiful site and 5 star customer service and satisfaction his motto is it’s not finished until YOUR happy!❞

—Robert Lee, Texacare Home Services

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“Hey! If you are reading this I know something about you. You are inspired and you are ready to take your business to the next level. I did this before for a PREMIUM GYM and it resulted in them maxing out there gym. Now the client did hire me 3 times. This is a 100% Free session. It’s the BRAINS that helped my clients win, it’s My Secret sauce. It’s not cookie cutter, I’d have to listen to your situation. Don’t miss this, I might take it down and turn it into a payed coaching session( I just have not had the time) text or call me at 2142635004. Talk to you soon! “

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